As we iterate on the Hospitable Public API, new versions of each endpoint will be released.

The version is always indicated in the path of the endpoint /v1/properties, v2/reservations.

Older versions

Once a newer version of an endpoint comes out, the older versions will be available for a minimum of 3 months before being retired.

Retirement dates will be communicated to provide a chance to upgrade, and API responses will include a warning that you are using a deprecated version.

"_meta": {
  "rel": "calendar",
  "version": "v1",
  "warnings": [
    "Requested version is obsolete and will be retired on 2024-06-30."

After the retirement date, you may be automatically upgraded to the most recent version as we remove the old endpoint.

Our API Versioning is endpoint-specific, allowing us to update the version datestamp of one endpoint without changing the others. This allows you to update your integration one endpoint at a time, rather than having to do them all in one go.