Given a Property ID, update pricing, availability, and minimum stay for the given dates.



It is recommended that you supply a Content-Type 'version-header' with each request to prevent getting breaking changes in the future. See Versioning for more info.


Given a Property ID, update pricing, availability, and minimum stay for the given dates. This request is handled asynchronously, and therefore the pricing on your listings may take a few seconds to update after receiving a response.

Please note that:

  • Pricing, availability, and minimum stay for all listings within that Property will be updated, not just for one.
  • Pricing is sent in the currency for your property, and should be sent as an integer in the lowest denomination of the currency (so $12.34 becomes 1234). Be aware that different providers may handle this pricing differently - for example Airbnb rounds pricing down to the nearest dollar.
  • A Markup will be applied to each price. This markup must be pre-configured in the Hospitable web application first. Wihout this pre-configuration, this endpoint will fail with a 409 Conflict response.

Please note that updating availability for HomeAway is, at this time, not functional, and therefore for listings on HomeAway the available boolean value in the payload is ignored. You may update pricing and minimum stay for HomeAway as normal, though.


The request payload should be an array of days including pricing and availability version. There are some constraints on this:

  • The price must be sent in the listing's default currency.
  • The endpoint will not accept more than 60 dates to update at once.
  • It is not required, but highly recommended to use contiguous days if possible. This allows us to batch the requests we make to providers.
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