In some cases, it's possible to request a superset of data to be returned. These are labelled as Allowed Includes in the documentation. Using this may save you from making a second API request to get more information.

In order to do this, add a URL parameter of include to your request. For example, when requesting Reservations, it's possible to include data on the Guest without having to make separate HTTP requests by adding include=guest as a URL parameter:

GET /reservations/c9bc3e39-4275-4199-944c-cf52079903f9?include=guest

This will embed the included resource in the API response, under an guest key. For example:

  "data": {
    "id": "c9bc3e39-4275-4199-944c-cf52079903f9",
    "platform_id": "AHDKVUCXXXM",
    "guest": {
      "email": "...",
      "phone_numbers": ["..."],
      "first_name": "...",
      "last_name": "..."