Welcome to the Hospitable Public API documentation!

Latest release of the Hospitable Public API, tagged v2, allows you to manage calendars, reservations, properties, and more, in a programmatic way, using conventional HTTP requests.

Latest version of our API in a nutshell:

  • RESTful
  • JSON all the way Content-Type: application/json, Accept: application/json
  • authorisation via OAuth2 (and PAT for personal use)
  • simple versioning via path prefix /v2/...
  • JSON superset via includes ?include=related_resource


The Hospitable API conforms to the REST Architectural Standards.

Entities are represented as resources, each one with an URL and unique identifier, and can be manipulated with the GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE HTTP methods. All methods except for the POST are idempotent.


The API implements OAuth 2.0 authorisation standard.

A Hospitable User may authorise your application to make requests on their behalf.

As a Hospitable User, you may generate a Personal Access Token to make requests to the API yourself.

More information on security.


Resources versioning in the API follows the simple principle of version in the url, e.g. /v2/properties, v3/reservations. The data suggests this is the preferred approach by our API consumers, as clearer, easier to implement, and maintain in the future.

More information on versioning.

Including Resources

Certain endpoints allow including related Resources - look for Allowed Includes in the documentation of each endpoint. This approach might be preferred to save you from making a multiple request to build the dataset you need.

More information on including resources.